Fry's Metals activities revolve around the secondary smelting and refining of lead, antimony and tin alloys and the production of lead and lead alloys in ingot form.

Fry's is a major supplier of lead and lead alloys to the battery and electrical cable industry. The company supplies a range of standard alloys and manufactures alloys specifically to individual customers' requirements. Alloys include:
  • low-antimony casting alloys for low-maintenance batteries
  • antimonial alloys for the casting of small parts
  • antimonial lead alloys for traction grid casting
  • lead/calcium casting alloys for maintenance-free batteries
  • calcium master alloys
  • alloys used as sheathing for the encasing and protection of electrical cables
  • Fry's has been operating in South Africa for the past 50 years. Its Germiston facilities, near Johannesburg, include a fully equipped laboratory with modern analytical apparatus for product analysis.

An environmentally conscious company, Fry's has assisted in the development of national regulations on lead and is committed to recycling. The company prides itself on its safe treatment of lead and other hazardous substances and ensures that it does not pollute ground water. Atmospheric emissions are rigorously controlled.