Associated Additives produce chemicals for the PVC and plastics industries, the mines and paint and battery manufacturers.

The company supplies the PVC industry with a range of stabilisers, lubricants and flame retardants as single commodities or tailored into 'one pack' additives to agreed formulations. The formulations are branded 'Almstab'. Commodities include lead stearates, sulphates, phosphites and phthalates.

Antimony oxide is supplied as a flame retardant to manufacturers of PVC sheathed cables and ABS, and supplies calcium and zinc stearates as lubricants and anti-tack agents for use in plastics and rubbers. Assay litharge is supplied to laboratories for gold and platinum assaying, and the company also formulates assay fluxes for the mining industry.

The company supplies lead oxides for fuses and relays, explosives, paints and batteries.

Associated Additives has been operating from Jacobs, close to Durban, South Africa's largest port, since 1950. It has twice been a finalist in the State President's Export Award. In 1989 it achieved ISO 9002 accreditation and is committed to quality and environmental awareness.